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Pay As You Go Workers Compensation

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Our current economic state has many businesses struggling to stay afloat. While many businesses have fallen off the map, others are cutting corners to stay alive. If your business is in risk of financial trouble or you are interested in saving your business some money, evaluate your business’s insurance coverage amounts including your workers compensation plan.

If you’re not using a pay as you go workers compensation program then you’re paying too much.

Our pay as you go workers compensation program will allow you to pay premiums based on real numbers, not estimated payroll values. Why pay for coverage you don’t need? Pay as you go workers comp insurance will cover your employees and your business only for the amount of coverage that is needed.  Nothing more, nothing less.

If you’ve been burned by workers compensation fees before, contact us to set up a quick evaluation of your company and get on the road to cost savings and better cash flow today!

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