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Maggie R.

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Claudia (Figueroa) was an absolute godsend.  When I first spoke with her, her confidence in being able to fix my situation was such a comfort to me.  I don’t know if it was what she said or how she said it, but I didn’t have any doubts after that first conversation.   I truly believe that anyone less diligent or with less experience wouldn’t have come out victorious in this battle with the insurance carrier.  I can’t really put the appreciation I felt and still do feel towards Claudia into words.  What I can say, is that I am so lucky to have met her and to have had her fight on my behalf.  Anyone would be lucky to have Claudia in their corner. 

Soon after my billing situation was resolved, I made RPP Insurance my medical broker.  I made this choice because I knew that I couldn’t afford not to have Claudia representing me and my company.

I would recommend Claudia’s services and expertise to anyone and everyone finding themselves in need.

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