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21 Day Challenge Finalé

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A few members or our staff participated in a 21 Day Challenge to not eat the unhealthy foods on a predetermined list.  (To read more about the challenge click here.)  We’ve come to the conclusion and the results are coming in.  Even though several participants struggled along the way, a few have reported less pain … More

21 Day Challenge Update

Our 21 Day Challenge Participants are still at it!  They are more than half way through and although some have encountered challenges, a few are seeing results as well.  Below are some of the entries from their “Food Journal.” “The biggest challenge for me is that I LOVE coffee, and SOMEONE keeps putting candy by the … More

21 Day Challenge

Can you really change a dietary habit with a 21 day challenge?  It’s January and it seems as though the whole world has gone on a diet or (re)started an exercise routine.  Our staff is no different.  Many of us have recommitted to eating healthier and moving more in 2015 and to help us with … More

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