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Safety World, Inc.

PO Box 471
Fresno, CA 93709

As a business owner with employees, you know that every aspect of your business could result in a workers’ compensation claim. Numerous claims increase your experience mod and heighten the chances of a Cal OSHA visit. When OSHA surprises you with a visit, will you be prepared?
Richard Wahl, the owner and founder of Safety World, Inc. in Fresno, California can directly assist you with your Safety Activity Program! Richard has 12 years of farming experience, over 27 years experience as a Safety Consultant and has also been a member of the American Society of Safety Engineers for 25 years. His safety consulting experience includes a broad range of industries with up to $1,000,000 in workers compensation premium. They currently consult with many different types of businesses that are sectored into 50% Dairies, 37% Farming and Agribusiness, 3% Construction and Trades, 3% Distribution and Warehousing, 2% Manufacturing and the remaining percentage is split into several different industries. The company is operating in California, Washington and Texas and trainers are bilingual in English and Spanish.
Due to Richards’ years of experience and outstanding consulting, we have referred many of our clients to Safety World, Inc. We have received nothing but positive feedback and have witnessed his consultations resulting in a decrease of experience mod for many of our clients! “We do know for certain that Cal OSHA Enforcement and Consultation is very familiar with our IIPP binders. I have been told by both divisions that we do a really good job.” Richard stated. “One of our large construction accounts told me recently that they submit their IIPP binder to general contractors for each job. In the past, this company submitted their own documents and typically got requests for 4 or 5 revisions each time. We wrote a new IIPP binder for them that has been submitted three times and there were no required revisions. We do good work. Employers tell me that they literally sleep better at night knowing that we are covering most of their safety responsibilities. Our service is pretty much a turn-key package except for a few things we cannot do, since we are not present daily.”
In terms of strong business beliefs, Richard thinks business should be conducted so everyone benefits; employers and their families, employees and their families, local communities and consequently the state, nation and the world. “Some of our accounts are giving significant amounts of time and money in overseas projects – India, Africa and other places – to grow peoples’ self-reliance in food production. In relation to this above belief, we keep our price low to ensure that employers get a lot of quality service for their money. This allows them to keep more of their resources to grow their businesses. We set fixed prices, so employers know their cost in advance. If any additional service is required beyond the quoted amount, we provide it at cost.”
 Rico, Pfitzer, Pires Insurance is proud to announce Safety World, Inc. as our first partner on our new Partners Page! Richard and his team do amazing, thorough work that in turn, makes your business a safer place for employees and prevents workers compensation claims. For more information, please visit Safety World, Inc. online at www.safetyworldinc.com!

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