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Grower Direct

2288 Geer Road
Hughson, CA 95326

Seven years ago, Stanislaus County, California, farmer Ron Martella phased out his 450 acres of peach trees and started planting more walnut trees in his orchards (in addition to 200 acres of walnuts and 400 acres of almonds.) Ron then entered into a new family partnership to buy, process and sell walnuts. They called this Grower Direct Nut Co., Inc.

Our work force at Grower Direct’s has grown to 200 valuable and trustworthy employees, who clean, shell, size, grade, blend and package walnuts for wholesale buyers all around the world.

The annual volume of nuts packed and shipped from the plant has increased more than tenfold since the family partnership was formed. We’re closing in on our goal of processing 40 million pounds of nuts a year. Meeting the customer’s needs and desires adds even more complexity to the packing process, especially when dealing with such large amounts. But we do our best to thoroughly take care of our customers! We guarantee fresh, grade A products with quality that you can count on!

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