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Halloween and the Black Cat

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The black cat is one of the most recognizable symbols of Halloween – and one of the most targeted of superstition. There are many proverbs and superstitions surrounding the black cat, such as the following. One theory suggests that black cats may have become associated with Halloween as a result of folklore and superstitions about … More

Fire Prevention

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October is National Fire Prevention month and many agencies are getting the word out for increased awareness.  We are all at risk and taking steps ahead of an incident will not only increase our chances of survival but also limit loss due to structure and water damage. There are several resources available on the Internet. … More

Be Informed About the Flu Shot

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With increased awareness of diseases like Ebola in our news, it’s easy to diminish consequences of suffering from the flu. But the facts indicate the benefits outweigh the risks significantly. More people in a year in the U.S. than Ebola has killed in the history of the world. Every year, the flu kills between 3,000 … More

FAQ: Employer Purchase Individual Health Plans

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FAQ:  Can an Employer Purchase Individual Health Plans for Employees? Answer:    An employer who participates in this arrangement may be subject to an excise tax of $100 per day which translates to $36,500 per year  per applicable employee as described under the  IRS Notice 2013-54.  FAQ:  Can an Employer provide added cash compensation to an … More

Insurance Vocabulary

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Before trying to dive into your insurance policy you might want to know some of the insurance jargon that is used by many professionals in the industry.  This will be one of many “Insurance  Vocabulary” posts to slowly bring you up to speed; let’s start with 5 basic terms. Actuary:  A social mathematician who uses mathematical … More

Before the Wind Comes, Secure Your Trees

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The seasons are changing, and the colors of autumn abound. Regrettably, fall’s stunning display is often accompanied by some unwelcome weather hazards in California – namely, wind – that can cause considerable damage to the very trees that produce those beautiful fall leaves. At Rico, Pfitzer, Pires and Associates, we want your yard and home … More

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