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Milestone Moment for Lucia Farao

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Well, I hit a huge milestone in my life this last month…. First one of my three children to take the leap and was married on September 16th!

Yes, my middle child, Nathaniel, married the love of his life, Suhey. To add to that mix are her two adorable children, Nicholas and Hailey. So in an instant I have two beautiful grandchildren!
Watching my son say his vows, which they wrote themselves, left me in awe of what a mature, well spoken, sensitive man my son had become at the age of 29. He was now on his journey as a husband and a father, and a caring one he will be, I have no doubt.

Another thing to mention is that he was married in Salt Lake City, Utah where he now calls home. As my husband and I started back on our ride home the Monday after the wedding, we felt a sense of feeling that we had abandoned him….. leaving him behind!

Our job as parents is to take the best care of our children that we can while they are growing up but knowing when it is time to let them go and follow their own path. Easier said than done!!!
We do welcome our new daughter-in-law and grandchildren into our crazy family, I just hope we don’t scare them off!

Of course, I have given Nathaniel all of the professional advice a good insurance professional mom can give! As he started his new job the drill started with, “make sure you know when you are eligible for your company’s health benefits; do they have a 401K in place and when can you start contributing? Is there a life insurance benefit? If not, we need to write you some life insurance now that you have a family to provide for. All of these questions start popping in my mind- I just want to make sure they are protected!

Then Nathaniel says to me, “Mom, I got this!”

Well he had already signed up for this health benefits, inquired about the retirement plan, and decided he would need a higher limit of life insurance than what was included in his benefits package. Then he proceeds to let me know that they will be soon looking for a first home to buy and that he would need my advice when the time came for insuring it properly…….. See! He still needs me!
I think I have him settled and giving him thought to his future and those “adult” things we need to make sure are in place.

Now I have to start working on my daughter as she is engaged to be married in November of 2018. As for my eldest son, he says the pressure of getting married is now off of him! He just hasn’t made that commitment yet but I truly feel it is in his future.

So for me, I am enjoying life these days watching my children grow up and starting their own adventures. I will continue my adventure at Rico Pfitzer Pires Insurance Agency, going on my 24th year with the company and enjoying every minute!

My husband and I love our farm life, raising club lambs and traveling when we can get away. Which adventure will we go on next? What milestone do have in store? I am sure we will soon find out as LIFE is an adventure and I am ready for it!

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