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21 Day Challenge Update

Junk+Food+Challenge+FinalOur 21 Day Challenge Participants are still at it!  They are more than half way through and although some have encountered challenges, a few are seeing results as well.  Below are some of the entries from their “Food Journal.”

“The biggest challenge for me is that I LOVE coffee, and SOMEONE keeps putting candy by the coffee pot! UGH!!”

“I have to admit, I cheated on Saturday unconsciously if it makes a difference. Anyway, I was doing really good and at the end of the night, while at a birthday party I had a frosting free cupcake and a Pepsi (the whole can!!!)……I have been doing good ever since. I feel that this week has been easier than the first 3-4 days. I’m becoming more creative with my meals….I feel good, just craving those tortillas, so I will definitely be trying the recipe for the Coconut flour tortillas and I will definitely give you an update on how those came out, can’t wait!!!!”

“I’m doing well but this cold weather does not help , Want to eat everything and anything but still at it. Being Good! Really!!”

“Surprisingly I have been hanging in there! I have been eating homemade vegetable soup for breakfast, healthy snacks and no carbs or sweet what’s so ever! I have lost 5 lbs!”

“The weekends seem to be the most challenging! When you have the family going into the pantry and just grabbing the chips and a soda or a couple of cookies I had thought about putting them in a box and keeping them out of my sight but that would not be fair to the rest of the family. So I just have to be strong and think about me as far as how good this will be in the long run. It is almost a week of this challenge tomorrow and I have found that I am not craving the sweets or the sodas as much.”

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