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21 Day Challenge

Junk+Food+Challenge+FinalCan you really change a dietary habit with a 21 day challenge?  It’s January and it seems as though the whole world has gone on a diet or (re)started an exercise routine.  Our staff is no different.  Many of us have recommitted to eating healthier and moving more in 2015 and to help us with that goal, a few have chosen to participate in the 21 Day Challenge.

The rules are simple.  Don’t eat: chocolate, candy, biscuits, cookies, cake, donuts, muffins, pastries, white bread, chips, fast food, carbonated beverages or ice-cream.  Well… It sounds simple, but actually following through is proving to be difficult.  Here are a few thoughts from our participants:

“I received this challenge from my friend and my daughter who had received from their friends so when I received this I went back and forth with myself haha! trying to convince myself that this would be good for me. I thought this would be a great start for me to get healthy for my new year’s resolution which by the way it is usually to lose weight but I changed it to getting healthy.  I have high blood pressure which links to my high cholesterol, and pre-diabetes which most of it is due to my weight.  I am feeling pretty confident that I can do this and can continue after the 21 days.”

“1st day always seem to be the easiest on any challenge so I would say it is going pretty smoothly for now.”

“I saw some chocolate today.. I was about to open it! Then I said to myself  ‘NO! Don’t forget about the challenge! I can live without a little chocolate!'”

“Today was a little harder my body is trying to adjust to not having chocolate and the chewy candy I usually have every day after lunch.  I have replaced it with fruit and also added veggies to my daily intake so my stomach is really asking me what the heck are you doing to me! Haha! I am hoping it will be okay in a couple of days… I know this is a good change for me.”

“So today I’m on the verge of quitting ( I know it’s only day 2) But I had a head ache and my lovely co-worker mentioned to me how my body was going through withdraws as she know I like my afternoon soda pop. I was sooo close to walking over to the vending machine to grab my diet coke.. I didn’t do it, instead I picked up the phone and needed to hear some words of encouragement from one of my teammates who has also agreed to this 21 day challenge.  At the end of my conversation, I sipped on my nice cup of warm tea and snacked on my granola.  My headache is now gone and I’m ready for this weekend!!  We can do it Mind over Matter!”

Well be blogging about our participants’ progress in the next few weeks.  Check back for updates on their progress and the effects of eliminating these food items from their diet.

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